5 Craziest Bridges of The World

5 Craziest Bridges of The World

#2 Another gif of Japan's Eshima Ohashi Bridge

#3 Root bridge in Cherrapunji: This bridge is alive!

Since Cherrapunji is one of the wettest places in India, ordinary wood bridges would collapse here. To guide the roots holding the bridge together, they use hollowed out betel nut trunks. So rocks, roots, and mud make 100 feet bridges that can support 50 people (or over 500 kilos). Oh, and some of these bridges are already over 500 years old!

#4 Henderson Waves - Singapore comes here to get legally high.

The highest you can get on a bridge in Singapore is here, at Henderson Waves bridge, 36 metres above ground. Which makes sense - it looks like stoners built it. For some odd reason, the one thing Singaporeans love to do here is take jumping selfies.

#5 Don't look at the Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai for too long. You'll get dizzy. 

Those loops make you say WOW. And kind of afraid if your car breaks down and you stall the traffic here - last clocked at 120,000 vehicles per day in 2006. The Chinese have described it as a dragon laying across the river. Which is expected - these guys love their dragons.


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