High-jumper Chris Dodd sacrifices Olympic dream to save his daughter

High-jumper Chris Dodd sacrifices Olympic dream to save his daughter

Chris Dodd saved the life of his daughter.
Chris Dodd saved the life of his daughter. 
High-jumper Chris Dodd sacrificed any chance he had of competing in the Rio Olympics next year to save the life of his four-year-old daughter.
A freak accident saw Dodd being run over by the family car while he was in the
driveway, fracturing his pelvis and damaging his spine and bladder.
"I was about to unlock the house then all of a sudden I was getting rolled over thinking, this is how people die," Dodd told The Project.

Chris Dodd with his family.
Chris Dodd with his family.
Dodd recalls getting his daughter, Ella, out of the car. Dodd went to unlock the front door and "that's when [his wife] Kelly yelled out."
The car was heading towards Ella.
"As I ran to the driveway the car started to roll down the driveway and it just picked up speed," he said.

"Being a father you want to protect your kids and it felt weird throwing my kid so I just sort of held her with my arms out to the side.
"I felt myself being knocked down and the wheels sort of rolling over me and then sort of being rolled around and then landing on the ground."
Dodd was trapped under the car for 90 minutes while emergency services worked on freeing him.
Thankfully, Ella escaped with minor bruising.
Chris Dodd sacrificed his Olympic ambitions to save the life of his daughter Ella. What a heroic Dad!
Before the accident, Dodd was at the peak of his training, ranked 4th in Australia, he was on track to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
"Rio is absolutely done, there's no chance," he said.
Keeping things in perspective, Dodd said, "I remember thinking in the helicopter ... if I don't' jump again, I can handle that. I was just happy that I could move my legs."
"If the wheel didn't run over my pelvis, it would have crushed my organs, more vertebrae in the back and it could have severed the spinal cord," he added.
Although it will be three months before he can walk again, the motivation is still there and "we'll just have to wait and see."
As for Ella, Kelly Dodd says, "She knows Dad is her hero so yeah they've got a very good bond, those two."
Dodd's family have set up a fundraising page to help cover the costs of the accident and medical bills. 


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