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Earth  5 October '15

Krill Feeding Study Reveals How Blue Whales Become So Big


Researchers found that blue whales employ an interesting feeding pattern to maintain their big size. Efficient krill feeding for blue whales is more than just literally diving for food, it comes with a strategy.
Mars Ice House
Space  5 October '15

3D Printed Igloo Made From Ice Wins NASA’s Mars Habitat Contest

A NASA design competition sought entries for a 3D-printed habitat for deep space exploration and awarded first prize to the Mars Ice House. The 3D-printed igloo harnesses the planet's liquid ice and promotes additive technology for sustainability.
Santiago Cape Verde
Environment  4 October '15

800-Foot High Megatsunami Swallowed Ancient Island In Africa 73,000 Years Ago

Researchers were able to discover that the large boulders on Cape Verde island were propelled by an 800-foot high megatsunami that happened 73,000 years ago. Despite the findings, the authors of the study emphasized that such events are not typical but still warrant close volcanic monitoring.
AIDA mission
Space  4 October '15

Scientists To Crash Spacecraft Into Asteroid: How This Could Save Earth In the Future

The AIDA mission will crash a probe into Didymoon, the smaller of an asteroid binary system. Scientists want to see if such collision could change the path of the object.
Turtle Swimsuit
Environment  4 October '15

Scientists Develop Swimsuit For Sea Turtles To Discover Reptile's Diet And Habitat Habits

Teenage turtles be proud. Australian researchers created a swimsuit for sea turtles specifically designed to collect feces and popular foraging areas.
Earth  4 October '15

Climate Change Literally Moves Mountains: Scientists Say Warming Temperatures Shape The Earth

The earth’s warming temperatures does not just cause unpredictable weather and rising sea levels, it is also capable of changing the shape of our planet.
SCIENCE  3 October '15

Micropigs: Scientists In China To Sell Genetically-Altered Hogs For $1,600

A Chinese company announced that it will be selling micropigs as pets for $1,600. Experts hope that the retail of the genetically-altered hogs will not impede the development of other gene-editing techniques that aim to boost human disease and crop development researches.
Space  3 October '15

NASA MRO Discovers Evidence Of Liquid Water On Mars: Odds Of Finding Alien Life-Form Increase

NASA has discovered that there is indeed flowing water on Mars, increasing the chances that there could also be life. But just how likely is the existence of Martians?
Earth  3 October '15

Asteroid Impact And Volcanic Eruptions Spelled Doom For Dinosaurs: Study

Asteroid or volcanoes? These are the culprits of the two most popular theories behind the extinction of the dinosaurs, but a new study says both came into play -- and that it was no coincidence.
Earth  3 October '15

Megatsunamis Are Real And Here's Why You Should Be Afraid - Very Afraid

According to a new study, scientists suggest that a megatsunami could have occurred 73,000 years ago, reaching up to a massive 900 feet and hurling massive boulders onto a cliff on Cape Verde's Santiago Island.


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