Trial continues for man charged in daughter's death after body found in suitcase


Trial continues for man charged in daughter's death after body found in suitcase

Melonie Biddersingh

TORONTO - A trial is set to continue today for a father charged in the death of his teenage daughter, whose charred body was found in a
burning suitcase north of Toronto 21 years ago.
Everton Biddersingh has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 17-year-old daughter Melonie. He has pleaded not guilty.
A Crown prosecutor has given the jury hearing the case a roadmap of the evidence prosecutors expect to call and has said Melonie was starved and abused before her death.
Jurors have been told Melonie came to Canada from Jamaica in 1991 to live with her father and stepmother but wasn't sent to school, and was instead “treated like a slave.”
The case has taken two decades to get to trial because police weren't able to identify Melonie's remains for years until they received a tip that eventually led to the arrest of Everton Biddersingh and Melonie's stepmother, Elaine Biddersingh, in March 2012.
Elaine Biddersingh's trial on first-degree murder is set to begin in April 2016.
A Crown lawyer has told the jury that Melonie was subjected to abuse that included being kept in a closet, having her head placed in a toilet which was flushed as punishment, being chained to the furniture at times, being kicked and punched and being deprived of food.
The jury has heard that Melonie died on Sept. 1, 1994.
Jurors also heard that expert evidence expected in the case will indicate Melonie had 21 “healing fractures” involving her ribs, spine, pelvis, right knee and left ankle which were caused three weeks to six months before her death


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