World’s Highest Paid Footballers 2015

Most Earning footballers 2015

Football is now the complete world of money , today rich peoples in the world bough number of football clubs and there are some players who earned in millions of dollars every year from the endorsement deals , contract based salaries and further big events . Today here you will see the list of some of the richest and highest paid footballers that are playing .
How we collect these figures of players , we searched all about their salaries , monthly income , their contract based wages with clubs and what endorsements deals they have signed after getting the whole information then we bring you the list these players . Well if there are any increase or decrease happen in the players earnings we will updated with the new information .
ronaldo is one of the richest footballers#1 : Cristiano Ronaldo : Real Madrid : Annual Earnings ($80 Million):
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the top football stars and he is the most liked footballer on the Social Media , he signed a huge money deal contract with worlds most richest football club (Real Madrid) . Ronaldo becomes third time player of the year in 2014.
best paid Barcelona players 2015#2 : Lionel Messi : Barcelona : Annual Earnings ($64.7 Million):
Lionel Messi is now the world most expensive footballer he is currently playing with the team of Barcelona , he signed a new deal with Barcelona in 2014 which made the super star the most earning players of football history.
most super duper striker of ligue 1#3 : Zlatan Ibrahimovic : PSG : Annual Earnings ($40.4 Million) :
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the most powerful players consider in the French Ligue 1 , he is scoring goals played for the big clubs in the past . But PSG bought him on high amount transfer deal . His earnings increased he get some popular endorsement deals in 2015.
Gareth Bale most successful footballers#4 : Gareth Bale : Real Madrid : Annual Earnings ($36.4 Million) :
The biggest transfer headline made last year is the record transfers of all times which Real Madrid did and bring the Wales player Gareth Bale to their team squad which made him the one highest paid wingers in the world today.
Best strikers in 2015#5 : Radamel Falcao : Manchester United : Annual Earnings ($35.4 Million) :
Radamel Falcao is currently at Manchester United team , on loan transfer deal , he is the main super star of the AS Monaco football club in the Ligue 1 . There are rumors about his transfer to Manchester United in winter windows .
best brazillian footballer#6 : Neymar JR : Barcelona : Annual Earnings ($33.4 Million) :
Neymar one of the most earning players currently playing for the Spanish giants Barcelona , he is the 4th most paid players in La Liga after Ronaldo , Bale , Messi . The Brazilian made his name among the top footballers in the past few years.
top epl players#7 : Wayne Rooney : Manchester United : Annual Earnings ($25.4 Million) :
Wayne Rooney is the main center forward for the Manchester United team , he is the most earning British player after David Beckham and Michael Owen . Wayne Rooney is not that good in last season but he is excited to bring good results to Man Utd this season 2015.
its one top players 2015#8 : Sergio Aguero : Manchester City : Annual Earnings ($23.3 Million) :
Sergio Aguero one of the most talked players in the football world for his finishing and goal scoring ablities , Manchester City one of the most valuable football club given him a healthy contract .
Yaya Toure is one of the midfielders in the team of Manchester City and He is hopeful to win the best footballers from AfricaAfrica Cup of Nations 2015 with his team Ivory coast this year . Yaya Toure win the Premier League title and his t#9 : Yaya Toure : Manchester City : Annual Earnings ($21.7 Million) :eam is chasing the Chelsea this year again .
2015 all performances of suarez#10 : Luis Suarez : Barcelona : Annual Earnings ($21.3 Million) :
Luis Suarez is one of the most talked transfer last season happen , he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona on record deal of transfer fee . Luis Suarez who scored most goals last season bring Liverpool to the top with his goal scoring efforts.
top player in football world 2015#10 : Fernando Torres : Atletico Madrid : Annual Earnings ($21.3 Million) :
Fernando Torres is back in his form and he is now playing for the Atletico Madrid football clubs his performance is increased with period of time . There is one time when he is the most expensive striker in Premier League and he played for the team Chelsea , later he joined the AC Milan .


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