This Incredible Underwater Hotel Is About To Be Built In Florida

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep with the fishes – literally as opposed to metaphorically – then you might be in luck.  
A Florida based company has just received patent approval for an ambitious underwater hotel, and they’re all set to start building.
They’ll construct 12 separate ‘pods’, available to rent at between $3,000 and $6,000 per night. The hotel will be 28ft under water, and accessible by a lift. And the views will no doubt be spectacular.
Each room will have a clear acrylic wall and ceiling, meaning that guests can see what’s going on in the ocean around them. As Planet Ocean said:
“The panoramic views of the surrounding environment will be in constant flux as the passing sun and moon cast ever changing shadows and reflections on the underwater features, and aquatic life moves gracefully around them.”
Sounds dreamy.

The hotel won’t be fixed in one place – in the case of hurricanes or other inclement weather, it will use electromagnetic propulsion technology to change locations.
And while this first hotel is going to be off the coast of Florida, the company aims to eventually have underwater hotels everywhere from Malaysia to Guam, from Hawaii to the Maldives.
The future is bright guys…