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TEXT: Psalm 68:1-2; 1 Timo. 2;-4

Nigeria is looking unto God for a wonderful tomorrow economically. Majority of Nigerians are crying out for heavenly relief from this hard biting economic recession.  If we are actually expecting a better tomorrow in Nigeria, we need to pray for this country.  Therefore, let us take our time to pray for Nigeria economic recovery.  It is also good for us to pray for the  President, the Governors, all those in government  and especially
our own brother, the Vice President of our great country , the Federal Republic of Nigeria for it is written, ”  as we have therefore opportunity, let us do good to all men, especially  unto them who are of the household of faith. ”  Remember, the Dollar is going up fast and higher than expected and the economy of Nigeria is under an attack from the pit of hell. Brethren arise and let us take our time to pray for Nigeria.
Prayer Points:
  1. Let us thank God for His great love for the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  2. Let us thank God for permitting the existence of all those ruling us in Nigeria at all levels
  3. Let us thank God for the health and wellbeing of President Buhari
  4. Let us thank God for the salvation of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Oshibajo
  5. Let us thank God for preserving this country from war and natural disasters
  6. Let us thank God for quenching the fire of religious, riots in Nigeria
  7. Let us use the blood of Jesus to destroy every evil covenant made by some evil people that is destroying the economy of Nigeria and not allowing us to move forward.  E xod 20:1-5
  8. Let us ask the blood of Jesus to erase every hand writing of ordinances written against the economy of Nigeria. Col.2: 14-15
  9. Let us pray that God will help us to stabilize the economy of Nigeria and make Naira to appreciate and be greater than Dollars but at power with pounds sterling
  10. Let us ask the blood of Jesus to silent every blood of innocents people shed by our fathers that is now crying for vengeance and is demanding for failure in Nigeria economy. Gen. 4 :10-15
  11. Let us pray for mercy on Nigeria and ourselves and ask God to grant Nigeria a presidential pardon from financial imprisonment.  Exodus 20:6
  12. Let us ask God to have compassion on Nigeria and restore the glory of Nigeria economy. Rom 9:15 -16
  13. Let us ask God to rise and favour Nigeria the way he favored USA, UK, China and migrate Nigeria from third world to First world financially. Ps 102:13
  14. Let us pray that every Country or individual that is digging the pit of financial failures for Nigeria will fall into it and be buried permanently.Ps 35: 7-8
  15. Let us pray that the ways of enemies of Nigeria economy will be dark and slippery.ps35:6
  16. Arise oh Lord and cut off all of the enemies of Nigeria that are troubling her economy. Ps35:29
  17. Let us pray that God will arise and manipulate the Manipulator and preserve the life of the Vice president Prof Yemi Oshibajo
  18. Let us ask God to arise and scatter every plan of man and Satan over the life and office of Prof. Yemi Oshibajo.
  19. Let us pray that God will make all those devising the hurt of Prof Yemi Oshibajo to go into confusion and errors that will cage them permanently with their plan of destruction.ps35:26
  20. Let God arise and let every group that is gathering to pull Prof Yemi Oshibajo down in other to promote   their group activities be scattered forever. Ps68:1-2
  21. Pray that all those devising the hurt of Nigeria go into confusion and errors that will cage them permanently. Ps 35:26
  22. Arise O’LORD and scatter every Country or group of people that are gathering to pull President Buhari and Nigeria backward in other to promote their group activities. Ps.68:1-2
  23. Arise O’LORD and uproot every tree that is not planted by you in the political scenario of Nigeria Matt15:13
  24. Arise O’LORD AND LET EVERY ENEMY OF Nigeria do what will make their sweet aroma to turn to stinking odour and go into the oblivion. Eccl.10:1
  25.  Have mercy O’LORD, expose, and destroy every ritual killer in Nigeria.
  26. Be merciful O LORD and help President Buhari to rearrange his cabinet and choose men that will help this country to fulfil destiny.
  27. Inspired President Buhari O LORD to do what will make you God to back him up and help him to fulfil destiny
  28. Let us pray for President Buhari that God will grant him good health and strength to carry out the assignments given to him by Jehovah God in Nigeria. Ps. 127:1-2
  29.  Let us pray for light to manifest so that every activities of darkness will come to an end Gen.1:2-3
  30.  Arise O’LORD and shake the political situation of Nigeria for those fake and evil politicians who are destroying the economy and peaceful coexistence of people in Nigeria to fall and never rise again.
  31. Let God arise and let every human ritualist and their customers be disgrace and be permanently caged with shame.
  32. Let us pray for Prof. Yemi Oshibajo that God will empower him and his wife the more to be able to cope with his ministerial assignment in Nigeria.
  33. Let us pray that God in His mercy will unmask every masquerade that is making the ministerial assignment of    miserable for him.
  34. Let us pray that God will fortify the strength of Prof. Yemi Oshibajo  and his wife
  35. Let us ask for God’s protection on Prof. Yemi Oshibajo    family Ps 125:2
  36. Let us ask God to contend with those contending with Prof. Yemi Oshibajo   and family lsa 49:24-26
  37. Let us ask that God will baptize Prof. Yemi Oshibajo   and his family with the special anointing that automatically sends evil arrows back to the sender
  38. Let us ask God to increase   Prof. Yemi Oshibajo     and his family generally in all they lay their hands on.
  39. Let us pray for Prof. Yemi Oshibajo    that God will anoint him to fulfil destiny and be in divine health.
  40. Let us ask for God special hand and favour to rest on the wife of the Vice Presidnt  that she will flourish  and will never fall nor fail in life
  41. Let us pray that every evil technology fashioned against Prof. Yemi Oshibajo     before during and after the celebration of his 50th birthday anniversary on 23rd of June 2009 should back fire against the sender in Jesus name
  42. Let us pray that the post of the Vice President of Prof. Yemi Oshibajo    shall not open doors to the enemy but rather shall unity the whole of Nigeria the more
  43. Let us pray that God will help Prof. Yemi Oshibajo   and his wife to finish strong at God’s own time in Nigeria Politics
  44. Let us pray that at God’s own time Prof. Yemi Oshibajo and his wife will not leave the political scene of Nigeria in shame but leave when the ovation is loudest in Jesus name
  45. Let us pray for Daddy and Mummy G.O that God will help them the more in their assignment in RCCG worldwide.
  46. Let us ask Jehovah God to protect Daddy and Mummy G.O and their children the more
  47. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to continue to fortify the strength of Daddy and Mummy GO
  48. Let us ask for physical strength and divine health for Daddy and Mummy G.O
  49. Let us pray for all our AGOs, SATGOs, Elders, Regional, Provincial, Zonal and Area Pastor, Parish Pastors
  50. Let us pray against premature death and broken homes among the Children of God in Nigeria
  51. Pray for mighty financial break and favour for children of God in Nigeria
  52. Pray for fruitfulness in an abundant and for grace to flourish in Nigeria during the tenure of President Buhari .
  53. Pray against any evil occurrence in the life of President Buhari
  54. Pray against evil occurrences like accident, or car theft, blood sheds and destructions during tenure of Prof. Yemi Oshibajo as the Vice President
  55. Pray for salvation of souls of unbelievers in Nigeria
  56. Pray for strength and divine health for Prof. Yemi Oshibajo.
  57.  Pray that the enemy will fail over President Buhari and Prof. Yemi Oshibajo As well as their families.
  58. Let us pray for Daddy AND Mummy G.O that their sources of anointing will never run dry
  59. Arise OH LORD and fortify Daddy and Mummy G.O mightily with fresh oil.
  60. Let us pray for sound heath for Daddy and Mummy G.O
  61. Pray for the National Coordinators of prayer warriors and his family.
  62. Pray for your province and all pastors in the province.
  63. Pray for a bumper harvest of soul all over the world.
  64. Pray for yourself and your congregation.
65.  Pray for yourself